Our School

The Curriculum & Assessment

The school delivers a broad and balanced curriculum helping each pupil to become a self-motivated learner. Our curriculum gives every pupil the opportunity to develop his/her individual abilities and talents to the full.

Our academic tracking system monitors the progress of each pupil every half term. Following an assessment pupils track their results on a graph as they work towards their academic target. Parents have this information sent home to them so they can keep up to date with their child’s progress.

We firmly believe that good literacy skills and the ability to read well definitely improve pupil progress in all subject areas. We focus on reading skills in our lessons and during Tutor Time and we have invested in our library so that our pupils have a superb selection of books to interest them. The selection is constantly updated and suits all our pupils’ interests.

We firmly believe that reading is essential to our pupils’ progress in all their subjects. We have invested in a new library with a superb selection of books that are constantly updated and suit all our pupils’ interests.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We have an extensive range of extra-curricular activities that enrich the lives of our pupils. The school’s excellent sporting facilities including an all weather pitch allow for a full range of sport and health related activities. Our teams perform very well in a variety of sporting competitions.

In addition to our sporting activities we have very active Performing Arts Department. Our Music Department performs at regular school functions and in the local community. Our Drama Department puts on an annual production assisted by our school dancers and our Art Department exhibits pupils’ work in the Summer.

The Stretch and Challenge Groups have a varied enrichment programme; Year 11 Seniores Society has had an influential speaker each month and our Duke of Edinburgh outdoor pursuits programme is a popular choice amongst the pupil body. There are clubs in many other subject areas too, in fact something for everyone! We also run many revision classes to support our pupils’ learning and we have a programme of evening activities offered in collaboration with the joint use of our on-site Leisure Centre.

School Houses

Given the towns strong military connection (Aldershot Garrison) the Houses have been named after the four great military leaders: Marlborough, Montgomery, Stanhope, Wellington. Each pupil belongs to one of these four Houses and wears a House tie to represent their House. This is a very important aspect of school life and it encourages all year groups to work together through House Competitions.

We hope the information in this web page gives you a flavour of what makes our school so special but we do recommend that you come and visit us! The school holds an Open Week in the Autumn term and runs a Headteacher’s Tour each Tuesday morning between 9.15am and 10.30am. If you would like to visit the school at one of these times, or at any other time, please telephone to arrange a visit.