At the Connaught School we aim to offer a range of subjects and extra-curricular activities that aid the development of children and prepare them for a successful and fulfilling adult life.

At KS3 all pupils study the following subjects:

English      Geography Art ICT
Maths History Drama Technology (Design/Food/Textiles)
Science French or German Music      PE
      Social Studies
(Citizenship/Religion/Personal Development/Sex and Relationship Education)


Many changes have recently been made to GCSE courses and assessment, which now are assessed in examinations at the end of the course. In order that our pupils are able to achieve their potential and secure the best grades at GCSE, pupils now choose their GCSE courses at the end of Year 8 and begin KS4 at the beginning of Year 9, so that they are able to develop a greater understanding of the subjects that they enjoy.

At KS4, we offer three different pathways that are appropriate for our pupils and meet government requirements for a broad and balanced curriculum. The pathways information can be found here:

All pupils must study English Language, English Literature, Maths, Science, ICT and core PE. Pupils are then offered a range of other subjects according to their pathway. These include:

 Triple Science Art  
 Geography Business Studies  
 History Product Design  
 French or German Drama  
 Computing Food Preparation  
  Physical Education


As well as offering a range of after school clubs and activities, it is also possible for pupils to study an extra GSCE after school in Product Design, Music or Photography.