MFL – Modern Foreign Language

In Modern Foreign Languages at The Connaught School all pupils learn either French or German at Key Stage 3 and are encouraged to opt for a language at GCSE. Pupils cover a range of topics that enable them to convey information, express their ideas and explain their points of view.

Learning a foreign language not only enables pupils to gain some experience of a different country and its culture through language, but also develops a greater understanding of their own language and its structure. Our aim is to promote a love of language learning that continues throughout life beyond the classroom.

Key Stage 3

Year 7
Pupils learn to introduce themselves, talk about their home life, discuss their interests and talk about their life at school and describe their hometown. They begin to speak and write at length and start using conjunctions to extend their sentences. They also learn ways of talking about the future.
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Year 8
Pupils are introduced to the past tense. They also discuss their media interests, health and fitness, class trips, daily routines, characteristics, festivals in France and Germany and clothes. The three tenses are revised further to develop their understanding.
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Year 9
More technical topics such as the environment, the use of social media and personal problems are covered, although the main aim is to develop a more confident use of complex language and structure in preparation for GCSE.
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Key Stage 4

French and German are optional subjects at GCSE. Pupils are encouraged to work with increasing independence in order to improve their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. They should be able to adapt language through their understanding of its structure as well as infer meaning from complex passages.

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Extra-curricular activities

An MFL support club is run every Wednesday lunchtime for pupils who want extra support with their classwork or homework. GCSE support sessions run every Wednesday after school to provide help for pupils who require it.

The Department runs a biannual day trip to France available to Key Stage 3 pupils.

Where MFL can take you

The ability to speak a foreign language has several recognised psychological benefits including an improved memory, an increased attention span and even better decision making abilities. Moreover, the ability to speak a foreign language is recognised as having an economic advantage in the workplace. Being able to use a language at work could increase your salary. It shows a high standard of commitment to learning and provides a sought after skill by many further education establishments and in diverse facets of industry.